Our offer includes three wonderful and apartments in Cracow located at the highest elevation.

While staying in Krakow Sky, your guests will be delighted with modern space and the wonderful panorama view of Cracow.

You will park your car in a comfortable underground parking lot. Your day will start with delicious breakfast, which can be served in your apartment.

You will be able to use services and additional attractions – including dinner served in your Apartment.

If you have any additional requests or questions – contact us. In order to get familiar with the detailed information about our apartments – use the list provided below.

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Information and assets

Hotel night in Krakow Sky starts at 14.00, and ends at 12.00. Tasty breakfast is served in a hall with the view of waking Cracow. There is also a possibility of ordering breakfast to your apartment.

The 16th floor of a beautiful office building called the House of the Rising Sun. 4 free of charge parking spaces in an underground garage connected directly with an elevator. Additionally, the underground parking lot has 50 available spaces (fee for a day is 25 PLN)

Our offer includes breakfasts served in rooms between 7:00 – 12:00 o’clock. It is also possible to order supper (in reasonable advance).

We’ll do our best to make the stay in our apartments easier and nicer for parents and children.

For their comfort we provide the following items for free:

  • A fully-equipped crib for babies
  • A comfortable changing table,
  • A bottle warmer,
  • A forehead thermometer,
  • A baby bath tub, a chamber pot
  • A Toilet seat overlay,
  • A baby high chair

At our guests’ request, we are ready to organize free qualified care for children and medical services.

There is an ATM, the post office, a pharmacy, and a shop with healthy food in the building. There are many shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and shopping centres in the vicinity of the building.

There is one of the biggest Fitness Centres in Cracow located 100 m from Krakow Sky.

Fast Internet, 50-inch TV, Air-conditioning, separate alarm, additional services

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